Featured work

Kate Pullinger’s new novel Landing Gear, will be published in the UK and Canada in April 2014, in the US in May 2014. Landing Gear takes the story first developed in Kate’s work of digital multimedia, Flight Paths: A Networked Novel, and explores what happens to Harriet and Yacub after he lands on her car in a supermarket car park. Her novel The Mistress of Nothing, won the 2009 Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction.  Her digital fiction project Inanimate Alice has also won numerous prizes, reaching online audiences around the world. She is Professor of Creative Writing and Digital Media at Bath Spa University. You can also read Kate on My Secret Blog.

Breaking news

8 November 2014

The book that Neil Bartlett and I put together in the days after Letter to an Unknown Soldier finished this summer is published this week. We chose 140 of the letters we thought were the most powerful and, together with a few images, including scans of some of the handwritten letters, we’ve created a book that we hope, in some way, reflects the power of our project.

8 October 2014

I’ve been invited back to Canada for a second round of festivals, dates and links below. In addition to that, I will be in Banff where I will be given the Anne Green Award - such an honour and a pleasure (see Events). 

22 September 2014

I’ve been awarded the annual Anne Green Award from the folks at the Calgary and Banff Wordfest!  This is wonderful news. I’ll be presented the prize in Banff on 18 October.